вулкан на андроид

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) has built-in support for the Vulkan graphics API.

Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics library that gives developers more control over the GPU and lower level CPU usage for their Android based mobile projects.

In the following document, we will go over how you can enable and use Vulkan in your UE4 Android projects.

Warning: At this time, Vulkan is under development and should be considered an experimental feature.

If you wish to build and deploy a mobile project using Vulkan, you will need to download and compile UE4, Version 4.12 or later from our Unreal Engine Git Hub page.

To make sure that you can visualize the rendering options Vulkan has available on your development PC, you will need to make sure you download and install the latest video card drivers for your graphics card.

Below, you will find the minimal driver version you need to use to be able to preview what Vulkan will look like on your development PC.

Determining if your smartphone supports the Vulkan rendering API can be challenging due to the wide range of Android smartphones on the market.

To help you quickly find out if your smartphone supports the Vulkan API, we recommend installing the following program from Google Play Store: Hardware Caps Viewer for Vulkan.

The Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer is a client tool aimed at developers needing to gather hardware implementation details for devices that support the new Vulkan Graphics API.

Note: The ability to use the Vulkan API depends on whether your mobile carrier has released the Vulkan update for your specific device variant.

To find if this support has been pushed to your mobile device, contact your mobile carrier.